Dallas Fort Worth Group Health Insurance Agency Serves the Needs of Small and Mid Sized Businesses

Small Businesses and mid sized businesses in Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding communities can rely upon Texas Group Benefits to find affordable benefits for their employees.  Finding an insurance broker or agent who understands and will listen to a business owner's or CEO's needs does not have to be difficult.

Texas Group Benefits is dedicated to supporting the needs of our clients.  We know our market, and we know how to provide our clients the best insurance plan designs that meet a range of needs and budgets.  We can help your business provide the employee benefits plans that will serve your business needs and will best meet the needs of your employees.  We are certified as Chartered Benefits Consultants and the training, expertise and experience your business deserves.

We offer consultation and support in addition to group health insurance and group medical plans from a rated companies, group dental insurance, group life insurance, group disability insurance, and voluntary benefits or supplemental benefits.  We can provide our clients Texas small group and fully insured health plans, as well as self funded and partially self-funded medical plans for larger businesses. We also help our clients develop affordable 401K retirement plans with very low administrative costs.

For more information, contact us at 214-764-6315, or (888) 398-6246.