"In-Network" Hospitals for your McKinney Group Health Insurance Plan in Texas

This is the second in a series of posts to help answer one of the most frequently asked question from employees and employers in the Dallas, Texas area:  "Which hospitals are in my  my Dallas group health insurance plan's network? " 

This is a very important factor in selecting a group health insurance carrier, because of the much higher rates and annual deductibles if an employee must visit an out of network hospital.  For example, a company with a $2,000 employee deductible plan is very commonplace in the Dallas area.  For most plans, that means that the family deductible is $6,000.  But for many Texas group health insurance plans, the out of network deductible risk would be three times that amount, or $6,000 or $18,000 for indivdiual or family, and the individual employee or dependents would be billed at the much higher out of network rate.

Most group health insurance carriers in Texas use a preferred provider network  (PPO), which then contract with doctors and hospitals in the area.  As shown in the above example, going to a hospital that is "in network" could save an employee's family tens of thousands of dollars in expenses that they must pay for services rendered but not fully covered by their  group insurance plan.

 Each group health insurance company has its printed and online directory of hospitals that are in their PPO network.  But there really is no one place that we know of where employees or employers can see which which hospitals that each major group health insurance company accepts in their PPO network.  

In an emergency, this information could save a company's employees several thousand dollars.  And at renewal time, when a company can decide when to change group health insurance carriers, this information can assist employers decide whether to change companies. 

Selecting the company's group health insurance carrier solely on the basis of who has the lowest group health insurance rates in Texas can get a company in trouble and could cause poor morale. 

Let's say for example, that your company's Dallas group health insurance broker has recommended that your company consider a health insurance plan for your company simply because it offers very affordable group health insurance quotes in Texas. But if your Dallas group health insurance agency does not advise you which hospitals are in the recommended carrier's network, this could lead to your selecting a carrier with only a few, distant, or only undesirable hospitals for your employees to visit. 

And if employees as a result had to visit better or closer hospitals that were not in the insurance plan's network, employees could suffer the big financial penalty of out of network rates.

So as a community service and for the convenience of our clients we will post from time to time an unauthorized list of the preferred "in-network hospitals" for many of the most popular group insurance plans in various communities around Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. 

This list is unofficial and is based on the information that we obtained from the group health insurance company websites themselves, but it is subject to change without notice, so we take no responsibility for this information.  But it is as accurate a list as is available in the community.  Individuals are urged to check with their insurance plan or their local hospital to confirm this list prior to seeking care.  The phone number and address of every general hospital is listed for convenience, so call first to confirm.

Today, we are publishing the general hospitals in McKinney, Texas and are listing which PPO currently accepts each hospital in network:

  1. Medical Center of McKinney, 4500 Medical Center Drive, Mckinney, TX 75069, (972) 547-8000
    1. Aetna PPO
    2. Beech Street PPO
    3. Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
    4. Great West PPO
    5. PHCS PPO
    6. Unicare PPO
    7. United Healthcare PPO
  2. North Central Medical Center-Wysong Campus, 130 S Central Expressway, McKinney, TX 75070, (972) 547-8000
    1. Beech Street PPO
    2. PHCS PPO
    3. Unicare PPO

Check back to view future posts that will list the general hospitals in other communities, such as Allen, Arlington, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, Denton, Farmers Branch, Fort Worth,  Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving,  Lewisville, Mesquite,   Richardson, Rockwall, Sherman. 

And if your whether your company is in McKinney or Fort Worth Texas, if your company could use the wise counsel of a Texas employee benefits broker and Texas group health insurance agency that can not only devise benefits strategies that will save the company and employees money but can see  beyond the dollars and cents and provide common sense, contact Mike Chapman at TexasGroupBenefits.com today, (214) 764-6315, or (888) 398-6246.